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In Celebration of World Food Day 2021

"Contribute and Redistribute for Better Indonesia"

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Contribute and Redistribute for Better Indonesia

Date and Time
Sat, October 16, 2021
10.00 AM – 12.30 PM WIB

Come join this free webinar to learn how about current situation and understand the supply and demand process during a crisis or pandemic situation and to understand about Foodbanking and the social impact addressed 


The webinar discusses Covid-19 and food issues including potential partnerships to elevate your brand while contribute to societies

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Imam Prasodjo is an Indonesian social scientist and academic. He is currently a professor at the Department of Social and Political Science at the University of Indonesia.

Imam Prasodjo has also been noted as a social activist.


He has advocated for Indonesians to learn foreign languages despite fears that doing so would be unpatriotic, suggesting instead that Indonesia strives for more development in science and technology so other countries will also learn Indonesian.

Dr. Imam B. Prasodjo, Ph.D

Sociologist and Lecturer of University of Indonesia


Gabrielle is a passionate Communications and Public Policy professional for both B to B and B to C industries, with over 17 years experiences in public affairs, government relations, marketing, communications, and sustainability. 


She has deep understanding and focus on Public Policy/Legislation and Corporate Communications and highly concerned about corporate environmental responsibility and sustainability issue, especially in waste management and packaging recycling.

Gabrielle Angriani

Vice of General Secretary of The Indonesian

Food & Beverage Association


Astrid studied Food Technology at RMIT University, Melbourne and she had various experience in various food industries such as dairy, chocolate, flavour and private label. Since 2013 she embarked an entrepreneurial journey and in late 2017 co-founded FoodCycle Indonesia with her husband, Herman. Her dream is one day to establish food waste recycling and roof top farming in cities. Her hobby is gardening.

Astrid Paramita

Co-founder and CEO of FoodCycle Indonesia

Hosted by

Opening Remarks


Yasir Nene Ama is journalist, presenter and news anchor in KOMPAS TV. After graduating from IPB University majoring in Community Nutrition in 2012, Yasir Nene Ama was accepted to work as a journalist at Metro TV. He worked there for almost three years. The He joined Kompas TV as a news presenter and reporter until now.


He also raised funds to renovate the local Mosque in his village, in Adonara Island, East Flores, NTT, in 2016.

Yasir Nene Ama

Journalist & Presenter


Andy F. Noya, or  better known as the host of “Kick Andy”. is a Journalist, Presenter, and social activist, Andy spends a lot of time heading the Kick Andy Foundation and the National Eye Committee (Komite Mata Nasional), appearing as Indonesia’s Ambassador of Reading (Duta Baca Indonesia), and as Founder and CEO of Ideafest and, a social crowdfunding platform.

Andy F. Noya

Founder of

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