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Semangat Pagi Indonesia

"Sarapan Bergizi untuk Anak Bangsa"


Collaborating with communities and companies from various sectors, we distribute healthy breakfast packages for children from underprivileged families.

Learn how to contribute and joining the movement.

Semangat Pagi Indonesia

Initiated on World Food Day 2020, more than 17,000 underprivileged children received breakfast kits containing bread, milk, cereal bar, banana and other healthy snacks.

This year, we continue to provide nutritious breakfast for underprivileged kids around Jabodetabek area. Raising awareness about the importance of breakfast and creating a better future for everyone.

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Let’s be a part of

Semangat Pagi Indonesia!

Either you from a company or an individual, you can playing a part to provide nutritious breakfast for our children.


If you're from food industries, manufacturers, or retailers,
your contributions can provide nutritious breakfast for underprivileged children by donating your product.


You can fund this program by donating to our official fundraising campaign. All of your financial donations will help to fund this program and make biggest impact possible.

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