#NasiTelorCeplok  #MakanDiRumah

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Feeding Indonesia

As a form of support for the government's recommendations in overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia in the form of #DirumahAja (#StayAtHome). This program aims to educate marginal communities about the importance of this appeal to reduce the chain of spread of the corona virus.
FoodCycle Indonesia initiated a campaign named #NasiTelorCeplok (#SunnySideUpRice).

Starting from the people's unrest that led to panic buying, so many food prices & necessities of life to soar, Edward Suhadi made a video about "Sunny Side Up on Rice". In his video he encourages the audience to not do panic buying, because daily calorie required by a human can actually be fulfilled simply by consuming "Sunny Side Up on Rice".

Sounds simple, however, with the existence of panic buying, and the suggestion to #DiRumahAja makes many people facing difficulties from economic aspects, such as hawkers, online motorcycle taxi drivers, and not a few employees who were laid off by their employers.


Together with Zomato, who conducted the #MakanDiRumah (#EatAtHome) campaign, FoodCycle Indonesia aims to help those who are facing difficulties with this condition, by still being able to #DiRumahAja to #MakanDiRumah with #NasiTelorCeplok


  • First round of distribution was done on 4 April 2020.

  • Using donated funds & grants, FoodCycle purchased 4.5 tons of rice, 1.8 tons of eggs and 456ml of cooking oil

  • Some corporations have also donated some products such as Unilever, Mondelez, Upfield & Tokopedia.

  • Puchased & donated are used to make up 900 parcels consisting of: 5kg rice, 2 kg eggs, 500ml oils and some sweet soy sauce and condiments for each family.

  • The parcels are distributed to the marginal communities through 4 different front line organisations such as: street kids shelter & refugee communities.

  • The approximate number of people impacted is 2000 – 2500 people.


We Welcome Food Donations especially


however, any surplus of perfectly edible food is always good


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