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FoodCycle Kitchen (FC Kitchen), a brand under Foodcycle Indonesia, rescues leftover food materials and repurposes them into tasty and nutritious premium food products. All FCK products are now available for sale and 100% of the profit will go toward helping communities via FoodCycle Indonesia's organization.

FoodCycle Kitchen products can now be purchased through FoodCycle Kitchen Instagram account or FoodCycle Kitchen Online Store.

By purchasing our product, you are now an agent #ZeroFoodWaste movement #CookMoreWasteLess!


Spicy Marinara

This spicy marinara sauce was created using surplus tomatoes rescued from the supply chain of fast-food establishments. 

Some fast-food restaurants remove tomato pulps to avoid excess moisture in their products. Consequently, tonnes of fresh tomato pulps are wasted and end up in landfills every week.


These rescued tomato pulps now get a second chance to shine in our delicious spicy marinara sauce. 

Manna Cake

MannaCake is a program launched by FoodCycle Indonesia to save potentially wasted fruits and vegetable and process them into tasty, nutritious and healthy products.


MannaCake Brumble (Banana Crumble) is the first product of this program, which is hygienically processed with adequate quality ingredients at one FoodCycle Indonesia’s Partner's Facility in East Jakarta.

The profits of the sale of MannaCake Brumble will be allocated to provide good training and employment opportunities for under-privileged kids (street kids)

Banana Cycle Program_MannaCake Brumble 2.jpg

Culinary Program

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Dwi is the eldest amongst 4 siblings. her mother passed away and her father is un-contactable. Dwi is 16 years old and she has only primary school equivalent education background.


Now through MannaCake Program, Dwi has graduated from Maison Bleu Centre of Culinary Art and she is currently doing her internship at KAUM restaurant Jakarta


Yusman was in prison for more than 4 years. He was innocent but accused for murder back in 2013 due to corrupted legal system. He was released in early 2017 with help of KONTRAS. However he missed opportunities for formal studies.

Now Yusman has graduated from Maison Bleu Centre of Culinary Art and waiting for his internship role at Kopi Pono (Sudirman)

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“Original and Tasty!” - Kevin Mintaraga, CEO, Bridestory

“Thank U! we’ve tried and it tastes really good!” - Anissa, BD Strategy, GRAB Indonesia

“Uda cobain, enak banget (4x) bangett” - Nada Syifaa, Food Blogger, Youtuber

“Ayo beli banana crumble nya, enak lohh” - Chef Chitra, Chef’s Bakery Kitchen

“Astaga Nagaa, enak banget, gw bukan iklan tapi menurut gw ini enak banget” - @chubbytraveller, Food Blogger

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