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Zero Food Waste Management Solution for Your Business



People Empowered

Kilograms of CO2 Saved


Kilograms of Food Waste Recycled

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Who We Are
FoodCycle Farm revolutionizes food waste management and urban farming through its circular, sustainable, and decentralized approach.

By repurposing food waste, we prevent its disposal in landfills and effectively decrease CO2 emissions by using Black Soldier Fly (BSF) bio-conversion technology. 
The by-product of our food waste recycling is compost and a new protein source that can be used for urban farming which provides a platform for skill development and economic empowerment, fostering self-sufficiency and resilience among those in need. 

With FoodCycle Farm, we embrace the circular economy, transforming waste into valuable resources and cultivating a sustainable future for all.
Supporting the following SDGs




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What We Do
Waste sources collected from clients and partners
Composting process directly on the partner site
Empowering FoodCycle Indonesia’s beneficiaries through an apprentice program
High-value commodities produced for profit or to be donated 
Provide unique outdoor facilities for companies employees / stakeholders

Unlocking The Potential Within Each Juvenile

At FoodCycle Farm, we are designed to empower underprivileged teenagers with practical skills, environmental education, and life-changing opportunities.

Sowing the seeds of a brighter future by joining hands with our local community and nurturing a love for agriculture.

Support Us

 Join us in our mission to combat food waste, reduce carbon footprints, and build thriving communities.

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Gardening Training for Underprivileged Children

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