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The COVID-19 pandemic continues affecting the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in Indonesia. FoodCycle is responding with #NasiTelorCeplok and #JagaPangan programs. Distributing approximately 40 tons of donated food since January 2020 and providing a hundred pax of meals and sembako parcel to medical workers and underprivileged communities.


The Pandemic Situation

  • Corona Virus is a highly infectious virus and the only prevention is by self-isolation and social distancing.

  • By mid March, Indonesian government has instructed the country to #stayathome to avoid the spread and majority of people has since then worked from home or study from home.

  • However "just" staying at home is a challenge for certain people, especially marginal community with profession who earns “on the street”

    • Scavenger

    • Street vendors

    • Online ride drivers (Gojek & Grab drivers)

The Impact

  • Marginal Communities

    • The impact of #StayAtHome causing the economy to slow down which results in many people losing income or job.

    • Added with the rise of food price due to panic buying by certain group of people.

    • Making the conditions of the marginal community even more worse.

  • Frontliners (Medical Team)

    • The pandemic causes an influx of patients seeking medical help, which causes our medical workers to be overwhelmed.

    • Often meals for medical team are not readily available for a few reasons, one of them being food vendors/canteen are not operating. 

    • Medical workers are fighting the pandemic at the front line. They should be equipped well, and one of them is by providing nutritious meals.

Our Actions


Food donations to marginal communities (#NasiTelorCeplok #MakanDiRumah)


Food donations to medical team (#JagaPangan)



Together with Zomato, who conducted the #MakanDiRumah (#EatAtHome) campaign, FoodCycle Indonesia aims to help those who are facing difficulties with this condition, by still being able to #DiRumahAja to #MakanDiRumah with #NasiTelorCeplok.


Impact to Date


Using donated funds & grants, FoodCycle purchased 4.5 tons of rice, 1.8 tons of eggs and 456ml of cooking oil


Donated 900 parcels consisting of: 5kg rice, 2 kg eggs, 500ml oils and some sweet soy sauce and condiments for each family.


Some corporations have also donated some products such as Unilever, Mondelez, Upfield & Tokopedia.


The parcels are distributed to the marginal communities through 4 different front line organisations such as: street kids shelter & refugee communities.


The approximate number of people impacted is 2000 – 2500 people.



FoodCycle Indonesia initiated #JagaPangan activities for medical personnel who are currently challenged in treating Covid19 patients. To ensure that medical personnel are always excellent in carrying out their duties,  FoodCycle Indonesia delivers ready-meals to 30+ currently registered hospitals. This initiative was very well received by the medical teams who found it helpful to remember their limited rest time so that sometimes they did not have time to order food.

Impact to Date


delivers approximately 300 ready meal packages for the medical team per day.


An estimated total of 4.500 food packages will be donated to medical workers during this pandemic situation.

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