Delivering Surplus Bread to Margina Communities

Bakeries are required to provide fresh bread and pastries product in daily basis. While product sales are forecasted, but it is impossible to make things perfect. Bakeries will always have surplus bread by the end of the day. 2.5 mkg bread and bakery products in Indonesia per annum production and expected to grow to 2.9 mkg by 2023 (source: statista.com)


Bread Rescue program saves surplus bread and pasty products which are taken back to
central kitchen / distribution units in daily basis. The surplus products are packed in boxes for pickups and with support of GrabExpress, FoodCycle Indonesia picks up the boxes in daily basis, which are then delivered directly directly to FoodCycle Indonesia’s partners (Other Yayasan and Initiatives).

The partners were trained to assess the surplus food safety and quality, and then distribute the surplus bread on the same day for direct consumption (the next morning the latest)


+62 812-1041-3018

FoodCycle Hub: Ruko Petersburg - Gading Serpong. Jl Kelapa Puan Raya Blok AE1 No 5 

Bank Account: Yayasan Daur Pangan Nusantara - BCA - 5255800911