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Indonesia is the world's second largest food waster.

But millions in this country suffer from starving and malnourished at the same time.

Therefore, FoodCycle Indonesia operating as a non-profit organization with passion to serve the needy by channeling through and distributing surplus food from various sources such as: wedding parties, bakeries, corporate lunch, supermarkets and FMCGs.


ZERO FOOD WASTE to landfill and

ZERO HUNGER for Better Indonesia


FoodCycle Indonesia aims to break the hunger cycle of the under-privileged communities by re-distributing untouched surplus food, re-processing imperfectly perfect produces and re-cycling food waste. In connecting with those communities, we develop their knowledge, attitude, skills and habits to positively impact themselves and other to create a better society of Indonesia.

How we work


FoodCycle menerima surplus makanan dari Bakery, Restaurant, Supermarket, FMCG, dan lainnya. 


FoodCycle mengecek dan memastikan makanan masih layak makan dan dalam kondisi baik.


FoodCycle menyalurkan makanan ke Front Line Organizations untuk disalurkan kepada mereka yang membutuhkan. 

FoodCycle Hub

Ruko Petersburg - Gading Serpong. Jl Kelapa Puan Raya Blok AE1 No 5 

+62 812-1041-3018

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