Sharing is Caring. Caring is Blessing

We realised weddings and parties are happening every single week in Indonesia, food are served to cater the guests yet the organizer / party owner will always prepare more than needed, this sometimes becomes a challenge for the party owner and the organizer to coordinate the food surplus at the end of the event.

At the same time we also found a hard yet simple fact that many are still in need of food and suffer from hunger before they sleep. Therefore, we come to put together the missing piece and bridge the issue/s. Food Cycle picks up UNTOUCHED SURPLUS FOOD from local parties and events, and pass them to established organizations, such as Foodbank of Indonesia, Yayasan KDM and Sahabat Anak to distribute the food to those who are in need - mainly street kids, the elderly and disabled people who are unable to work to support themselves


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FoodCycle Hub: Ruko Petersburg - Gading Serpong. Jl Kelapa Puan Raya Blok AE1 No 5 

Bank Account: Yayasan Daur Pangan Nusantara - BCA - 5255800911